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    Helping Merchants Give Back Merchant Giving Project has made social responsibility simple for your business. When you are a part of Merchant Giving Project, every time you accept a credit card you will be directly supporting an organization you feel passionate about. View All Charities

Merchant Giving Project is a social enterprise helping businesses make a positive impact through charitable giving. Merchant Giving Project donates a portion of credit card fees to a variety of non-profit organizations.

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What Our Supporters are Saying!

"Merchant Giving Project has been a great resource for Heritage Bicycles. As a small business owner, it's great to know there is someone looking out for me. Not only has Merchant Giving Project allowed me to save money and donate to charity every month, they are also always available if needed. I really like that they're local and accessible. "

Mike Salvatore | Heritage Bicycles

"As a new business owner I found that credit card processors can be one of the most deceiving people to deal with. I switched processors three times in search of rates that were reasonable and competitive without the hidden fees. Finally I found the Merchant Giving Project. At first I was reluctant to change processors as I have heard it all in terms of false promises and just plain lies. Eventually I came around and haven't regretted it one bit! I love that a portion of my fees goes to charity, but most of all I love having one point of contact for all my questions regarding any credit card processing fees. Doug, explained every question I had and even took the time to set up my machine. Because of this straight-forward approach I will be a merchant giving business for life."

Dr. Deepak Neduvelil | Skyline Smiles

"Partnering with Merchant Giving Project has been a huge win/win for Windy City Strength & Conditioning. In our first full month of processing through Merchant Giving Project, we saved over $500 in credit card processing fees! On top of that, we also get to support a charity, The Sierra Club Foundation, that is very near and dear to our mission and values here at Windy City. I can't recommend working with Jeff Campion and Merchant Giving Project enough!"

Justin Marcis | Windy City Strength & Conditioning

"I love having Merchant Giving Project process my credit card payments for our two brick and mortar toy store locations. Not only has my effective rate been reduced by an average of 1%, but my staff now have a local "go-to" guy to help with all their support needs. I was concerned that switching was going to be a difficult move, but it was really seamless and hassle-free. We are also able to benefit Reading In Motion by way of our credit card fees and that is not only an impactful thing, it's also a great marketing tool to our customers. Thanks Merchant Giving Project! "

Katherine O. McHenry | Building Blocks Toy Store

""I initially was just happy to save $500 a month on processing fees, which that alone is a great reason to switch to Merchant Giving Project. Now that we have been using them, I also see the value of being able to donate to a charity of our choice, which gives our employees another reason and value to love working, as it raises their purpose. Jeff, the owner, has been very accessible if my bookkeeper has questions. Finally, I love knowing that almost half of the other small business owners in my neighborhood (Southport Cooridor in Lakeview) are using the same company. There is something special about being connected with your local community that's hard to describe. Such a huge difference from the big bank, hidden fees, transaction garbage I was just blindly accepting for years. What a relief! Thanks Jeff!""

Dr. Heath McKinley | McKinley Family Chiropractic

"Our partnership with Merchant Giving Project has benefited Imerman Angels in a number of ways. Obviously, their model makes it easy for businesses to raise money for IA, but the awareness they are creating for our organization is an added bonus. Thank you Merchant Giving Project for spreading awareness that no one should have to fight cancer alone."

Jonny Imerman | Imerman Angels

"We wanted to find a partner in our credit card processing company, someone who would educate us about best practices, best pricing, best set-up, and build a solution around our unique set of needs. In an industry full of quick sales, it wasn't easy to find - but we surely found that partner and more in Merchant Giving Project. When we first met them through another one of their clients, they offered to come and audit our current processor. They instantly found hundreds of dollars per month, spent quality time with us helping come up with the right solution for GhFITLAB - and of course, we love that there's a strong charitable aspect and mission for MGP. But honestly, our first priority was a quality business partner that could save us money and bring us solutions. They exceeded our expectations, down to the smooth set-up and in-person training. "

Mark Grazman | GhFITLAB

"What sold us on Merchant Giving Project in the first place was Jeff's clear explanation of the business of credit card processing. Over the time we have been working with Merchant Giving Project, we had had few issues and tech support has been good. However, it's reassuring to have Jeff nearby and willing to come to the store if needed (as he recently did). We also like that, in a small way, we support Misericordia, which for us is a neighborhood institution. "

Ron Sebert | Becky & Me Toys

"I was thrilled to find Merchant Giving Project because it allows me to use money from the credit card processing that my company was already doing to support a cause that I am passionate about. Switching to Merchant Giving Project was a no brainer for me. My costs went down, we have a convenient and secure online portal for processing, and I get to help my favorite greyhound rescue group!"

Dr. Jason Jared | TRIFACTIVE

"It seems that a majority of companies today have to accept credit cards as a form of payment. This is great for the consumer. But as a business owner, we have to take on the fees associated with processing. Ever since my business started processing with Merchant Giving Project my rates have dropped significantly and we get an added bonus of donating to Streetwise. Merchant Giving Project makes it easy to donate to charity!"

Jacob Blanton | J. Blanton Plumbing

"We are so happy we made the switch to Merchant Giving Project and give a portion of our credit card sales to House of the Good Shepherd, a very worthy cause. Jeff & Doug were so easy to work with and make the process of switching seamless. We now have lower rates, feel good about giving back, and can market to customers our commitment to charity. We continually reach out to them with any questions that pop up, and they are always happy to help. "

Shira Hahn Rice | Neesh...by D.A.R.

"Merchant Giving Project is the best! I went with Jeff for my startup business because I knew him, liked him, and trusted him. I appreciate that Merchant Giving Project gives a portion of my fees to a charity of my choice. Jeff has always been quick to respond whenever I have questions. I highly recommend giving Merchant Giving Project a chance to provide you a better rate and better service - you won't regret it!"

Dr. Tom Williams | Roots Family Chiropractic

"As a small business owner, having a partner such as Merchant Giving Project, is invaluable. The fact I am supporting my charity of choice is just icing on the cake."

Michael Oliver | Scooter Guy

"I have been using Merchant Giving Project for my office and have been saving money every month by switching to them. I am now paying a lower effective rate and saving over $100/month in processing fees. Plus, I get to donate to my charity organization of choice, Smile Tree. What a great deal!"

Dr. Bernice Teplitsky | Wrigleyville Dental

"Working with Merchant Giving Project to process all of my credit card transactions for the last four years has been a privilege. What a bonus to be able to both pay less on my credit card processing fees and donate money to a worthy charity every month. The monthly donation gives my staff and my customers a little something extra to feel good about. It should come as no surprise, in dealing with a socially-conscious firm like MGP, that they are a joy to interact with whenever I have questions or concerns. "

Jason Finn | Geek Chicago

"Jeff and his team are clearly passionate about what they do, and it shows. The level of attention I have received throughout our working relationship has been invaluable!"

Kerry Maggard | Vim & Vigor Salon

"My patients love that a portion of their payment goes to charity. And it offers me a chance to talk to them about the great things Imerman Angels is doing! Thank you thank you!"

Dr. Jeremy Bonsol | Bonsol Chiropractic

"House of the Good Shepherd’s involvement with Merchant Giving Project has been incredibly rewarding. Not only do we receive funds to sustain our critical services for women and children, but the awareness spread by Jeff and his team has brought us valuable connections to the small business community."

Executive Director | House of the Good Shepherd

"Merchant Giving Project has made it easy for us to give back and has made credit card processing enjoyable. They have great customer service and are always available to discuss any questions we have. I would recommend MGP to companies of all sizes. The best part of MGP is we are able to support one of our favorite charities, The Anti-Cruelty Society."

Yvonne Lyngaas | Monarch & Company

"Making the switch to Merchant Giving Project was a great move for my business. I was so frustrated with my old processor. I never could make any sense of the statements and whenever I tried contacting someone in customer service, I walked away with unanswered questions. The transition to Merchant Giving was seamless. Merchant Giving Project is local and always available to answer any questions I have and they donate a portion of all my fees back to the charity of my choice, Saint Andrew. "

Sarah Bruno | Mint Julep

"Merchant Giving Project has provided me with a unique opportunity to support a local charity in a hassle-free and efficient manner. I am impressed by the responsiveness and professionalism of the team in helping set-up and maintain my shop’s credit card processing. I proudly display my Merchant Giving Project decal which helps relay to my customers that a portion of their purchases benefit an integral charity in our community."

Hadley Nixon | Hadley Emerson

"I am thrilled to be working with Merchant Giving Project. Jeff and his team standout from anyone I have met in this industry and have truly found their niche. Merchant Giving Project allows me to use money from credit card processing to donate to a charity of my choice and to support a cause that I am passionate about. Switching to Merchant Giving Project was painless and has saved me money."

Sheila Petersen | Life Elemental

"I switched this year to do my online credit card processing through the Merchant Giving Project and am very happy I did. I always enjoyed getting sales but now it feels even better knowing that a portion of my processing fees are helping my charity, a Special Wish Foundation. I make it known to my customers of the donation so they can feel great about their shopping experience as well!"

Erika Nita | Sweet Rock Jewelry

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