Jeff Campion


In 2003, Jeff Campion began his career in the electronic payments industry. Working for big name companies such as Verifone, North American Bancard and Omega Processing Solutions, Jeff was able to gain an abundance of knowledge and experience. He spent a majority of his career recruiting, training, and managing independent sales representatives.

Through his exposure, he realized that most credit card processing companies were spending too much money and time instructing their sales reps and less time educating their customers. Jeff felt it was essential for customers to not only understand where their hard earned business dollars were going but to feel good about who they are doing business with.

After creating a portfolio of 3000+ processing businesses, I thought it was time to put my knowledge to good use.” -Jeff Campion, Founder/President

Jeff set out to build the ideal merchant services business he had in mind. He thought by setting up charities as beneficiaries for businesses based off their processing activity that they would be able to raise money for numerous charitable organizations while offering businesses a credit card provider . Merchant Giving Project was born and the mission was twofold:

  1. To make sure businesses have a clear understanding of where their money is going in terms of processing fees and
  2. To re-direct some of these fees to a charity the business feels passionate about.

The result is a knowledgeable business that feels good about who they are processing with. Since starting Merchant Giving Project, Jeff is amazed at how many business owners not only want to give a portion of their fees to charity but also want to donate their time. Many businesses have taken additional steps to volunteer their time and resources to help many of our partner charities.

“These businesses have inspired me to work harder and to continue to build this community of socially conscious business owners.”

Working with business owners and charities alike, Jeff prides himself in the business community he has created. Jeff continues to develop Merchant Giving Project as a social enterprise that offers more than merchant services.