Discover a more charitable way for your toy store to accept credit cards.


Merchant Giving Project uses a consultative approach to make sure your toy store understands where your fees are going and how to reduce them. We provide the lowest rates and the most value to our clients. Our average toy store saves 22% on credit card fees when switching from other processing companies. 





    Through our partnership with ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association), we are able to double our donation making your processing fees twice as impactful. 20% of our monthly profit will be split between ASTRA and a charity of your choice. 

    ASTRA is a nonprofit association that provides education, networking, product sourcing and discounts, and consumer public relations to grow the specialty toy industry. Learn more about the benefits of being an ASTRA member.


    Let’s Make An Impact With Your Toy Store

    We Only Work With The Best

    We've hand-selected just a few merchant processors that truly deliver the most value to their clients.

    Lowest Cost Rates

    We've meticulously hand-selected a few prestigious merchant processors that provide the lowest rates and most value to our clients.

    Complete Integration

    Deciding on your merchant processor isn't the final step. Getting fully integrated is the hard part. Our partners get you from point A to Z.

    Business Assessment

    Your business has a unique set of needs that can't be addressed by a one size fits all solution. We'll help you explore all of your needs.

    Expert Support

    You'll have access to our team to help answer any questions that might come up once you get setup with your merchant processor.

    Mobile Transactions

    Your business needs payment solutions that are as flexible as possible. Mobile transactions are essential for an on-the-go business.

    Virtual Terminals

    Whether you need to accept payments online through a browser, or simply need more robust control over your data, virtual terminals are a must.

    Secure Payment Acceptance

    Rest assured that your customer's payment will go through and be completely safe and secure in the process.


    Knowing the brass tacks of your business is essential to your success. Gain a better view into fine details of your transactions.

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