What our clients have to say...

Merchant Giving Project has been a great resource for Heritage Bicycles.  As a small business owner, it's great to know there is someone looking out for me.  Not only has Merchant Giving Project allowed me to save money and donate to charity every month, they are also always available if needed.  I really like that they're local and accessible.

Mike Salvatore | Heritage Bicycles

As a new business owner I found that credit card processors can be one of the most deceiving people to deal with. I switched processors three times in search of rates that were reasonable and competitive without the hidden fees. Finally I found Merchant Giving Project. At first I was reluctant to change processors as I have heard it all in terms of false promises and just plain lies. Eventually I came around and haven't regretted it one bit! I love that a portion of my fees goes to charity, but most of all I love having one point of contact for all my questions regarding any credit card processing fees. Doug explained every question I had and even took the time to set up my machine. Because of this straight-forward approach I will be a merchant giving business for life.

Dr. Deepak Neduvelil | Skyline Smiles

Partnering with Merchant Giving Project has been a huge win/win for Windy City Strength & Conditioning.  In our first full month of processing through Merchant Giving Project, we saved over $500 in credit card processing fees!  On top of that, we also get to support a charity, The Sierra Club Foundation, that is very near and dear to our mission and values here at Windy City.  I can't recommend working with Jeff Campion and Merchant Giving Project enough!

Justin Marcis | Windy City Strength & Conditioning

I love having Merchant Giving Project process my credit card payments for our two brick and mortar toy store locations. Not only has my effective rate been reduced by an average of 1%, but my staff now have a local "go-to" guy to help with all their support needs. I was concerned that switching was going to be a difficult move, but it was really seamless and hassle-free. We are also able to benefit Reading In Motion by way of our credit card fees and that is not only an impactful thing, it's also a great marketing tool to our customers. Thanks Merchant Giving Project! 

Katherine O. McHenry | Building Blocks Toy Store

"I initially was just happy to save $500 a month on processing fees, which that alone is a great reason to switch to Merchant Giving Project.  Now that we have been using them, I also see the value of being able to donate to a charity of our choice, which gives our employees another reason and value to love working, as it raises their purpose.  Jeff, the owner, has been very accessible if my bookkeeper has questions.  Finally, I love knowing that almost half of the other small business owners in my neighborhood (Southport Cooridor in Lakeview) are using the same company.  There is something special about being connected with your local community that's hard to describe.  Such a huge difference from the big bank, hidden fees, transaction garbage I was just blindly accepting for years.  What a relief!  Thanks Jeff!"

Dr. Heath McKinley | McKinley Family Chiropractic